Migration crisis in Europe and Hungary: Europeans and Hungarians also have rights!

- statement by National Legal Defense Service (Hungary)

Our country, Hungary is under unprecedented pressure because of massive illegal immigration. Thousands of people from Asia and Africa flow into Hungary from day to day in illegal way violating respective laws and causing crisis situation. We are not a destination country, however  the situation is extraordinary. Our nation – which based on the legal norms of the United Nations, qualifies as an indigenous national community in need of protection -, its rights and interests are threatened by the resulting public safety, national security, public health, social and human rights crisis.

This is a phenomenon based on a series of law violations, deliberate misuse of asylum, organized crime and human trafficking which threatens our nation and Europe and it is a phenomenon against which all possible means of self-defence must be applied. The Hungarian nation is in a legitimate self-defence situation which cannot be hampered by the European Union. It is hard to refute the perception, that this illegal migration is deliberately fuelled in order to eradicate traditional European national communities and it is done so with the complicit passivity of the leading EU states and their institutions.

The self-claimed refugees, most of them nothing more than disguised economic immigrants, and their humanitarian needs can not eradicate nor mutilate the fundamental human rights (freedom of movement, personal security, freedom, right to social security, health, etc.) of the founding communities or individuals of Hungary. The right to immigration is not a fundamental human right. Hungarians also have human right, which are now violated and deliberately concealed by the “liberal” human rights activist NGOs.

The National Legal Defense Service (www.njsz.hu) a group of patriot lawyers is here again to protect the rights of Hungarians using legal tools, like it did during the 2002-2010 period, a period filled with arbitrary imprisonment, shooting out of eyes, freedom violations, etc.

We wish to provide proper legal assistance through our cooperating attorneys, for those whose rights were violated by illegal immigrants (crop damages, violent crimes, residential hazards, transport difficulties, prosecution related to national self-defense etc.).

We await the application of people who suffered right violations and applications from attorneys willing to take part in this endeavor (njsz@nemzetijogvedo.hu; 30/549-4167).

We already providing legal protection for a patriot who offered voluntary civil assistance to a local council on the southern border to protect that border, and issued such a call. Because of this, the next day he was already accused of organizing unlawful public safety activities. It is the time to repeal this crime from the Criminal Code !

We rely on moral and monetary support from individuals and entrepreneurs (our account number is:  11600006-00000000-29912821) because this is the only way we can continue our load of work in comparison to the “legal-aid” organizations which protect the rights of “refugees” even by stepping outside the law.

The Hungarian state has an active defense obligation: to act efficiently in order to ensure law and order, the safety of its citizens which are threatened by the large scale and effects of illegal immigration.

State border protection is essential in order to protect the human rights of Hungarians. Therefore, we support the army’s lawful border protection and much more strict action against human traffickers.

It should be noted that those, who assists in providing illegal residence in the territory of our country for financial gain, are threatened with 2 years’ imprisonment.

The protection of the relevant sector of the border with a fence and the protection of the border with prepared forces is necessary and justified and for this, our country cannot be rebuked. The illegal crossing of the border or the damaging of the border is punishable. Refugee camps can only be established in the border area, outside of residential areas with closed operation. It is necessary that law enforcement officers and agencies provide accurate information to the misinformed migrants of their rights and obligations.

We are also protecting Europe yet again, therefore the EU – based on its norms – is obligated to provide our country with maximum resources to cope with this exceptional measure, and since it has not done it, it has to be demanded.

The Dublin III regulation (which allows tens of thousands migrants to be sent back) is inappropriate in dealing with this emergency situation, thus it should be changed and its use should be discontinued. The rules of the UN concerning refugees also require radical transformation.

It is an unacceptable double standard that while Hungary is held accountable for compliance with EU regulations, other states break it regularly without consequences.

The sharp international criticism is equally unacceptable just because – as the only EU member state – it demands that the EU procedures relating to migrants are conducted.

If the fulfilment of any EU obligation threatens the survival of the member state, its application must be suspended.

The Hungarian nation is the victim of illegal immigration even outside its borders, in Vojvodina (northern Bácska) which it seems is state funded by Serbia.  As Serbia is a safe country of origin, the illegal border crossers coming from there should not be provided with asylum, they should be sent back. The EU accession negotiations with Serbia should immediately be halted also because of the situation of ethnic Hungarians living in Vojvodina. According to the Asylum Act, refugee status cannot be granted if it threatens national security, the application of this rule should be considered in the case of this wave of asylum seekers.

We deeply condemn the attitudes and practices of some “human rights activist” NGO (Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Association fro Freedom Rights), civil organizations and parties which only focus on the “poor” refugees and put their rights above indigenous ethnic communities. The multilingual “briefings” found on the website of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee arose suspicion of law violation, by teaching migrants of how to obtain refugee status fraudulently.

The damaging activities of these “liberal” human rights activists (whose actions are also in contradiction with the interests of real refugees) will be presented in a separate communication.


 Budapest, 4th September 2015


In the name of the National Legal Defense Service:

Dr. Novozánszky Ilona lawyer - president

Dr. Gaudi-Nagy Tamás lawyer - executive

www.njsz.hu     njsz@nemzetijogvedo.hu