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Migration crisis in Europe and Hungary: Europeans and Hungarians also have rights!

- statement by National Legal Defense Service (Hungary)

Our country, Hungary is under unprecedented pressure because of massive illegal immigration. Thousands of people from Asia and Africa flow into Hungary from day to day in illegal way violating respective laws and causing crisis situation. We are not a destination country, however  the situation is extraordinary. Our nation – which based on the legal norms of the United Nations, qualifies as an indigenous national community in need of protection -, its rights and interests are threatened by the resulting public safety, national security, public health, social and human rights crisis.

This is a phenomenon based on a series of law violations, deliberate misuse of asylum, organized crime and human trafficking which threatens our nation and Europe and it is a phenomenon against which all possible means of self-defence must be applied. The Hungarian nation is in a legitimate self-defence situation which cannot be hampered by the European Union. It is hard to refute the perception, that this illegal migration is deliberately fuelled in order to eradicate traditional European national communities and it is done so with the complicit passivity of the leading EU states and their institutions.

Snowden answers Gaudi-Nagy's question: In the mass surveillance scandal the US isn't the sole perpetrator

In the midst of great interest, on the 9th. of April, Edward Snowden appeared via internet videoconferencing in front of the Council of Europe Human Rights Committee. Gaudi-Nagy opened with pointing out the double standards present in the scandal, also reflecting on how the nowadays
'Undemocratic' Russia had to provide asylum for the NSA brave whistleblower who would have certainly faced the harshest of punishments should he stayed in the US. The remarks made by Mr. Gaudi didn't go unnoticed by the democratic chairman who threatened to silence Gaudi who was keen to ask Mr. Snowden of the involvement of the EU in the scandal and also on the progress they made since the leaks.

The Roussins are requesting the recognition of their nationhood.

The Presidium of the Roussin People's Council of Trans Carpathia (NRRZ) is requesting in a Declaration the Recognition of their independent nationhood in the constitution on national level and the restoration and recognition of their rights from the new leadership of Ukraine.

The declaration of the Roussin organization is establishing that the Presidium of the NRRZ is following the political, social, and economical developments in the past few months with great concern in Ukraine. The demonstrations at the Independence plaza in Kiev the sacrifices of human lives makes the new Ukrainian leadership of he country to fac serious threats regarding he territorial unity, highlights the declaration. Based on the Declaration, Russia separated Krim, there are serious upheavals in the eastern and southern parts of the country, national bankruptcy is in sight, the legal order has fallen apart, a threatening situation was developed in the area of human rights, and freedom rights, including the national minorities, listed the web site from Munkács.

Petition to the Government of Hungary for Transcarpathia

We the undersigned are committed Hungarian people who on this march 28th, 2014, gathered in Budapest at the Plaza of Polish General Joseph Bem, in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express our demands that the Hungarian territories occupied by the Ukraine would be returned to Hungary and in protest against the sanctions to the Russian people of the Crimea peninsula because they practiced their right of self determination. We are demanding that the following steps be undertaken by the Government of Hungary unconditionally especially with regards to the Constitution, Section D, which proclaims that the fight for the rights for the collective rights of the separated Hungarian communities must be a national government policy.

EU flags are burning well across Europe!

After myself and my deputy collegaue, Lenhardt Balázs removed and then have thrown out the EU flags from the Hungarian Parliament, we have received a torrent of congratulations from all over, so we have started the Remove all EU flags Facebook page. More and more European patriots have already joined and we have made over a thousand page likes mark. We are welcoming each and every patriot to join us there!
Not long ago, an excellent video was uploaded, which is a medley of several public burnings of  EU flags including the one set ablaze by the Hungarian Jobbik a couple of years ago.

This is how the EU flag falls and this is just the beginning

On 13 February, 2014 radical-patriot members of the Hungarian Parliament Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Balázs Lenhardt removed the EU flags from the hemicycle of the building of the Hungarian National Assembly and threw them out of the window. The heart-warming patriotic performance took place during the debate on the collective investment draft law, which also included the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners, a legislation that the two politicians objected calling it treasonous.

The charade of the CoE: the eye shooting advocate Göncz is considered visionary, Gaudi-Nagy Tamás is considered punishable.

After he was denied to speak in the whole of the winter session, having no alternatives left Gaudi-Nagy Tamás protested during the speech of Martin Schulz the chairman of the European Parliament.

Considered to be the bastion for democracy and the rule of law, The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly of January the 29-th in Strasbourg, Gaudi-Nagy Tamás demanded in the name of democracy from the freshly elected new assembly chairwoman the liberal Anne Brasseur from Luxemburg to immediately change the punishment of not being able to speak at this session imposed by the previous chairman who's highest legal school is that of high school. Mr. Gaudi-Nagy wanted to pose questions to Martin Schulz the chairman of the European Parliament regarding the colonization of Eastern-Middle-Europe and the Tavares report. He appealed on the protection of human rights and the right for free speech, but the chairwoman coming form a country a fraction of the size of Székelyföld refused to overrule the decision and grant him the ability to pose a question. As a response Gaudi-Nagy Tamás going against the decision held up the national flag and having taken up the tool of quiet protest he gagged his mouth with a flag of The Council of Europe, demonstrating that he was quieted arbitrarily for the rest of the winter session. The representative wanted to contribute to the discussion on three reports, the one against racism, and the situation on Palestine and also wanted to pose questions to the Austrian chancellor and the chairman of the
European Parliament.

Colonization is considered tabu in the Council of Europe

In the European Council encapsulating 47 countries and heralding the freedoms and human rights, on January the 15-the the result of an arbitrary decision lacking any foundation in any laws in place, Gaudi-Nagy Tamás, the only national radical representative in the whole organization was denied to speak for the whole of the January session.

Gaudi to the Austrian chancellor: Give respect to the Hungarian Holy Crown and off the hands from the Hungarian lands!

Gaudi-Nagy Tamás demanded from the Austrian chancellor Mr. Walter Faymann on the Council of Europe's January the 30-the sitting that He will help stop the robbing of hungarian soil by austrian citizens. After that he demanded the respect given to the Hungarian Holy Crown By holding up signs, which prompted the security guards to attack, which he successful repelled. The leaving chancellor didn't take his card and hasn't posed interest in talking with the hungarian national rights defendant.

"Hungarians living in Serbia aren't discriminated against and in danger" - Nikolić misses the point

Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 3. october 2013

Europe should be on the forefront of protecting its citizens from intelligence agencies by not condemning the so called whisleblowers

Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 2. october 2013

Jobbik rejects István Pásztor’s statement

The joint Strasbourg mission of Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, the Hungarian Hope Movement (HHM) and the Hungarian Civic Association (HCA) has achieved a major breakthrough by providing an unprecedentedly unbiased report to the representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) as well as to the key personalities of the CE about the real situation of the Hungarian community in the Voivodina region – says Jobbik MP István Szávay in his press release.

The intrusion in the private lives of people by a state aspiring to control the internet is unacceptable

Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 26 june 2013

Gaudi-Nagy: There is need for radical cahnge in the fight against corruption!

Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 26 june 2013

Debate and voting on the amendments put forward by Gaudi-Nagy Tamás on the Hungarian issue

Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 23 june 2013