Petition to the Government of Hungary for Transcarpathia

We the undersigned are committed Hungarian people who on this march 28th, 2014, gathered in Budapest at the Plaza of Polish General Joseph Bem, in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express our demands that the Hungarian territories occupied by the Ukraine would be returned to Hungary and in protest against the sanctions to the Russian people of the Crimea peninsula because they practiced their right of self determination. We are demanding that the following steps be undertaken by the Government of Hungary unconditionally especially with regards to the Constitution, Section D, which proclaims that the fight for the rights for the collective rights of the separated Hungarian communities must be a national government policy.

We cannot keep passively just observing and without taking action when history gives us a new chance to destroy the unjust framework that trampled over the self-determination rights with the Trianon dictate.

It is more than clear that the self-determination rights guaranteed by the international conventions must also be related to the 200,000 Hungarians and almost 1 million Roussins of the Trans-Carpathia Region. This was so far the case also and in 1991 when a national voting tried to enforce the measure, but then was sabotaged by the Ukrainian state. The current changes in the Ukraine that were enhanced by outside powers and paralelly the return of the Russian community of the Krim peninsula to Russia by a legitimate national referendum points towards the unconditional duty of the Government of Hungary that as a defense power must demand involving as an alternative even international military presence the security of the Hungarian community and the legitimate possibility of a referendum regarding their return to Hungary together with the Roussin nation which lived in friendship with the Hungarians from times immemorial. Until then a full territorial authonomy must be guaranteed to them as it is mandatory by the Resolution of the Parliamentary Convention of the European Council n. 1832/2011 that makes the measure compulsory to the member states.

We are committed to send signals of enhancement and encouragment to our Hungarian brothers and the Roussins in TransCarpathia and also to the other nationality groups - the Polish, Russians, Rumanians - living in the Ukraine about their right to self determination and to the Government of Hungary to stand up straight for the above objectives, while we are condemning any other coward, subservient behaviour.

Because of this:

1. We are requiring the government to initiate immediately the session of the Security Council of the United Nations to secure that the Hungarian and Roussin community which lived for almost one thousand years in Hungary that they would be allowed to held a referendum under international control to use their right for self determination as it is coded in the International Convention of Political and Human Rights of the United Nations. The government should initiate that the Security Council of the United Nations would introduce international peace keeping forces and international observes in sufficient numbers to secure the legitimacy of the referendum in TransCarpathia.

2. We are requesting that the governmnent recognised without delay the referendum on the Krim peninsula on March 16, 2014 as an act compatible with international law, the practice of selfdetermination law, and would recognise the return of the Krim peeninsula to Russia as valid.

3. We are requesting that the government would immediately withdraw its support to all sanctions against Russia in connection to the Krim referendum and the return of the area and that the government would not support any such sanction in the future. In addition the government should declare that such sanctions are in collision with the international disciples about guaranteed self-determination laws that were disregarded at the 1920 Trianon pace dictates when referendum was not allowed to be held and when Hungarian territories were separated from the country, and 3,5 million Hungarians were simply illegally separated from the motherland.

4. We are requesting that the government would immediately get the Hungarian Defense units ready to be able to provide security to the 200,000 Hungarians living in TransCarpathia of which more than every third person more than 50,000 people carry Hungarian citizenhip, consequently they are citizens of the European Union. In order to serve this purpose we are requesting that all Hungarian military personel should be brought home from foreign lands where they are serving foreign interests and that according to their oath
they should serve the motherland and their compatriots.

5. We are requesting that the government would immediately announce it's claim that the TransCarpathia region where for many centuries the Hungarian and Roussin people lived peacefully together be returned to Hungary similar to the precedence already proven on March 15, 1939 when a revision of the unjust Trianon treaty was adjusted. Until that time that these opressed and secondary citizens of TransCarpathia would be able to voice their desire if they wanted to return to Hungary we are requesting that Hungary enforced the results of the 1991 TransCarpathia referendum that requested a large scale authonomy to the Roussin people including a Hungarian authonomy for the Hungarians in the Bereg region (area located directly at the other side of the Hungarian and Ukrainan border.

6. We are requesting that the government stood up for the self-determination rights of all national groups now oppressed on the territory of the Ukraine, especially for the Polish, Roumanian, Bulgarian, Roussin and Russian groups in supporting their cause and that together with the countries responsible for those nationalities groups would take all reasonable diplomatic, strategical and tactical steps for the common success for their selfdetermination objectives.

7. We are requesting to immediately withraw Janos Martonyi the Minister of Foreign Affairs who for many long years shown and especially with his current expressions proved that he is absolutely unfit to represent the interests of the Hungarians in foreign relations with his treasonous, coward acts and in handling the situation regarding the Ukraine. His acts and releases are to be taken even more seriously in the light of the fact that while there is a historical moment for the Hungarians to implement our national interests and to at least partially adjust the illegitimate and unjust peace dictate in 1920 an act which is in collision with international law that sentenced our nation to death, and in face and in spite of which not only in TransCarpathia but also in former Northern and Southern Hungary and Transylvania a sizeable Hungarian community managed to survive while faced persecutions and deprivations of their rights. With regard to this it is important that the government brought the issue of all separated Hungarian territories to the international forums as well as before the Security Council of the United Nations to highlight the unjust borderlines drawn up in the Carpathian basin for readjustment, because so far all nations living in the area could live with the measure of selfdetermination the Hungarians were deprived from it, only.

8. We are requesting that the Hungarian Government acted at the Foreign Service of the European Union and at the Council of the European Union in the interest of protecting the 200,000 Hungarians and their rights especially in the light of the fact that more than 50,000 of them are carrying Hungarian citizenship, consequently they are also citizens of the European Union that is the European Union is carrying responsibility to protect them.

The World should see that the Hungarians are a nation of freedom and now together with the Polish and the Russians on one side we are able to bring back the freedom to TransCarpathia which is illegitimately possessed by the Ukraine.

Finally we are quoting from Count Istvan Szechenyi a leading Hungarian the following: "Everything has it's moment in a certain time, which if lost the virtues and honour are gone forever and with it life and all hope".

The above points were accepted unanimously by the members of the demosntration with one vote and we are asking every person who features good will in this carved up country in the Carpathian basin and everywhere in the World to join us and to request together with us to make the steps described above at the earliest time to protect the Hungarians of Transcarpathia and in interest to reunite TransCarpathia and our homeland again.

We are awaiting your effective actions and reply.

Budapest, March 28th, 2014

In the name of the participants of the demonstration and who voted for the Petition:
Dr. Gaudi Nagy Tamas, Member of Parliament and Executive of the National Legal Protection Service,
Budahazy Gyorgy patriot
Dr. Drabik Janos lawyer
Hegedus Lorant Junior, protestant pastor,
Dr.Lenhardt Balazs inpendent member of Parliament
Dr. Morvai Krisztina independent Member of European Parliament
Zagyva Gyorgy Gyula Member of Parliament, president of HVIM