Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 25 june 2013

Speech at Parlamentary Assembly – Council of Europe (Strasbourg)- 25 April 2013

Strasbourg, 23.01.2012 – The Assembly has voted to confirm the nomination of a Hungarian member to two of its committees, following a challenge at the opening of this morning’s sitting.

The nomination of Tamás Gaudy Nagi (Hungary, NR) to the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, and to the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, was challenged by Jean-Claude Frécon (France, SOC) – the second time such a challenge had been made, after a similar challenge to this nomination on Monday.

Under the Assembly’s Rules, the first challenge was referred to the national delegation concerned, which then re-submitted it in the same terms. If there is a second challenge to an identical nomination, the Assembly votes by a simple majority on whether to accept...

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rejected Italian MEP Fiamma Nirenstein's motion that called for the exclusion of Jobbik MP Tamas Gaudi-Nagy and Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia from the European body. Nirenstein argued that the two representatives are racist and entertain anti-semitic sentiments.

The committee announced that the two MPs mandate can't be challenged because both were elected by democratic procedures and therefore, they have the rights to participate in the Assembly's work. The Commission also pointed out that political differences of opinion should be clarified through de...

Tamas Gaudi-Nagy on Tuesday said an initiative to withdraw his accreditation to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly — which has been rejected — had been a political attack against him and against Hungary as a whole.

All European citizens who “do not conceive the present and future of Europe in line with the will and ideas of certain opinion-makers” have been attacked, Gaudi-Nagy told MTI over the phone.

On Monday Italian EPP deputy Fiamma Nirenstein requested an official review of the accreditation of Gaudi-Nagy and a Greek Golden Dawn lawmaker. She argued that their presence in the assembly may run contrary to the values of CoE, such as promoting human...