EU flags are burning well across Europe!

After myself and my deputy collegaue, Lenhardt Balázs removed and then have thrown out the EU flags from the Hungarian Parliament, we have received a torrent of congratulations from all over, so we have started the Remove all EU flags Facebook page. More and more European patriots have already joined and we have made over a thousand page likes mark. We are welcoming each and every patriot to join us there!
Not long ago, an excellent video was uploaded, which is a medley of several public burnings of  EU flags including the one set ablaze by the Hungarian Jobbik a couple of years ago.

Let us show the foreign colonialists that we will no longer stand for the chocking grip of the EU, and especially since our national Day approaches, let us treat the symbols of the hated regime with traditional Hungarian temperament as many have done so before the fall of communism with the hated red flag of the dictatorship of the proletariat!
Feel free to share your pictures and videos of such events on the Remove all EU flags Facebook page, as have others done so already!

Let's not forget: the Hungarian PM Orbán Viktor has deemed the removal of the flag as building maintenance in the Hungarian Parliament and was thankful for the removal of the flag from the facade of the National Bureau of House of Representatives.
The prime minister's response to our interpellation with fellow representative Novák Előd titled "Is there life outside the EU?" can be viewed in the video at 8:57-9:20.

Budapest, 2014. March 9.
Freedom for Hungary!
Gaudi-Nagy Tamás Member of Hungarian Parliamentarian,
Managing Director to the National Legal Aid Service