The Roussins are requesting the recognition of their nationhood.

The Presidium of the Roussin People's Council of Trans Carpathia (NRRZ) is requesting in a Declaration the Recognition of their independent nationhood in the constitution on national level and the restoration and recognition of their rights from the new leadership of Ukraine.

The declaration of the Roussin organization is establishing that the Presidium of the NRRZ is following the political, social, and economical developments in the past few months with great concern in Ukraine. The demonstrations at the Independence plaza in Kiev the sacrifices of human lives makes the new Ukrainian leadership of he country to fac serious threats regarding he territorial unity, highlights the declaration. Based on the Declaration, Russia separated Krim, there are serious upheavals in the eastern and southern parts of the country, national bankruptcy is in sight, the legal order has fallen apart, a threatening situation was developed in the area of human rights, and freedom rights, including the national minorities, listed the web site from Munkács.

According to the Declaration the NRRZ for many years was supporting the democratic development and the European integration of Ukraine, with regards to the fact that in Europe the human rights and the right for a normal life is observed.

"We were searching for compromises, in democratic ways, distancing ourselves from radical solutions to resolve the problems," claims the Roussin organization, and comments with regret, that contrary to the practice of European countries, where the Roussins are recognized as independent national group, Ukraine until this day did not recognize them to be a genuine people and their rights are still violated.

The NRRZ is requesting from the new leadership of Ukraine to finally arrive at to making the decision to recognize the Roussins at national level with inclusion of this in the Constitution and the restoration their rights. The organization calls for decentralization of power, the expansion of authority of he regional and local self governments, similar to the European examples.

The NRRZ requested the European organizations to help the Ukraine to stabilize its economical, social and legal system so that Trans Carpathia following the examples of many past centuries could remain the exemplary place of tolerance for national minorities rights.