The charade of the CoE: the eye shooting advocate Göncz is considered visionary, Gaudi-Nagy Tamás is considered punishable.

After he was denied to speak in the whole of the winter session, having no alternatives left Gaudi-Nagy Tamás protested during the speech of Martin Schulz the chairman of the European Parliament.

Considered to be the bastion for democracy and the rule of law, The Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly of January the 29-th in Strasbourg, Gaudi-Nagy Tamás demanded in the name of democracy from the freshly elected new assembly chairwoman the liberal Anne Brasseur from Luxemburg to immediately change the punishment of not being able to speak at this session imposed by the previous chairman who's highest legal school is that of high school. Mr. Gaudi-Nagy wanted to pose questions to Martin Schulz the chairman of the European Parliament regarding the colonization of Eastern-Middle-Europe and the Tavares report. He appealed on the protection of human rights and the right for free speech, but the chairwoman coming form a country a fraction of the size of Székelyföld refused to overrule the decision and grant him the ability to pose a question. As a response Gaudi-Nagy Tamás going against the decision held up the national flag and having taken up the tool of quiet protest he gagged his mouth with a flag of The Council of Europe, demonstrating that he was quieted arbitrarily for the rest of the winter session. The representative wanted to contribute to the discussion on three reports, the one against racism, and the situation on Palestine and also wanted to pose questions to the Austrian chancellor and the chairman of the
European Parliament.

After her election on the Monday plenary sitting, Mr. Gaudi-Nagy tried already to sway the new chairwoman to reverse the crippling decision, and yesterday he tried again after a personal meeting, even agreeing to modifying the decision so he is only barred from submitting written submissions in vain as the new chairwoman being a psychologist and thus having an own version of lawmaking wanted nothing to do with the reversal of the decision.

As it happened, at the sitting of the Human Rights Committee of the Council of Europe in Paris at the 12th. December of 2013, Göncz Kinga was reporting on the status of the human rights as the vice-chairman of the European Parliament LIBE committee. Gaudi-Nagy Tamás heavily criticized her for her responsibility and personal involvement in the 2006 autumn police brutalities, and for the fact that she to this day is standing by the unjust treatment of the protesters by the courts and parliamentary reports. Is the Council of Europe really in need of the advices coming from someone
as discredited as her? In the first minute of his Paris speech the chairman on the account of being personal deprived him of the ability to speak at the sitting. Gaudi-Nagy fought this decision and called it arbitrary.
The British chairman of the committee reported this to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly, who as one of his last actions deprived the representative from the ability to speak at the next session. The decision doesn't encapsulate any form of legal explanation and is referencing nonexistent previous offences. To this day Gaudi hasn't received any form of official paperwork regarding this decision.

This made it entirely and clearly visible to all and to Mr. Gaudi-Nagy that the most prolific European organization in the field of human rights is clearly backing the colonization tendencies instead of the protection of the national communities.

Gaudi-Nagy Tamás
Strasbourg, 2014.01.29.